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Type and use of conveyor

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Type and use of conveyor
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1. The belt conveyor consists of conveyor belts, rollers, rollers and devices for driving, braking, tensioning, reversing, loading, unloading and cleaning. Conveyor belts are commonly used in rubber belts and plastic belts. The rubber band is suitable for working environment temperature between -15 ~ 40 °C. The material temperature does not exceed 50 °C. The upward spread of the bulk material is 12° to 24°. A patterned rubber band can be used for large angles of transport. The plastic belt has the advantages of oil resistance, acid and alkali, but has poor adaptability to the weather, and is easy to slip and age. Bandwidth is the main technical parameter of the belt conveyor.

Second, the screw conveyor is generally composed of three parts: the conveyor body, the inlet and outlet, and the driving device; the spiral blade of the screw conveyor has three forms: a solid spiral surface, a belt spiral surface and a blade spiral surface, wherein the blade spiral The surface application is relatively small, and it is mainly used for conveying materials with high viscosity and compressibility. This type of screw suspension surface has the functions of stirring and mixing materials during the completion of the conveying operation.

Third, the buried scraper conveyor series products are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, electricity, chemicals, cement, ports, terminals, coal, mining, grain and oil, food, feed, and other industries and sectors.


Buried scraper conveyor features:


1. This equipment is often used for horizontal conveying of granular and powdery materials, and can also be used for inclined conveying in the range of 150 angles. Therefore, on the basis of single-point feeding and discharging, it is also possible to feed more points and multi-point discharge, which has outstanding features in conveying toxic, explosive, high-temperature and easy-flying materials, improving workers' operating conditions and reducing environmental pollution. .

2. The machine has the characteristics of high life, stable operation, small structure size, large conveying capacity, low energy consumption and low material damage rate.

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