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Market prospects for vulcanizers

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Market prospects for vulcanizers
Latest company news about Market prospects for vulcanizers

Market prospects for vulcanizers

Vulcanizing machine, also known as flat vulcanizing machine, is called hot press

When it comes to vulcanizing machines, everyone thinks that it is a rubber product. In fact, rubber products are only one of the functions of vulcanizers. Vulcanizers/hot presses can be used in a wide range of products, from high-tech products to agricultural products. Can use the products made by hot press, but many people don't know it!

For example, in the hardware industry: grinding discs include soft and hard grinding discs, cutting discs, grinding discs (consulting private chat)

High-grade wood embossing: such as various lobular rosewood, huanghuali, rosewood, gold nanmu and other high-grade wood embossing (consulting private chat)

Synthetic stone products: synthetic stone plates, synthetic stone strips, synthetic stone miscellaneous pieces (consult private chat)

Synthetic copper products: synthetic copper sheet, synthetic copper strip, synthetic copper miscellaneous pieces (consult private chat)

Carbon fiber composite products: carbon fiber composite products sheet, gasket, lining, miscellaneous pieces (consulting private chat)

Nano-composite products: nano-composite sheets, gaskets, linings, miscellaneous pieces (consulting private chat)

Polymer heat sealing products: polymer sheets, gaskets, miscellaneous pieces (consulting private chat)

Advanced decorative panel embossing

Polyurethane products: advanced wear-resistant screen, wear-resistant gasket, wear-resistant oil seal, wear-resistant miscellaneous pieces (consulting private chat)

Pressure-setting of food-grade silicone products (consulting private chat)

Hot pressing curing of various rubber products, such as: various rubber oil seals, seals, rubber miscellaneous pieces, rubber tires, rubber powder wheels, all kinds of rubber locomotive parts, mechanical parts, etc. (consult private chat)

For details, please contact Jiangyin Tongxin Vulcanizing Machine Factory.

Company website: www.txlhj.com


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