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Small Size Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment

Small Size Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment

    • Small Size Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment
  • Small Size Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment

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    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: Tongxin
    Certification: IS0

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit/Units
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Standard Packing
    Delivery Time: 15-30days
    Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal and MoneyGram
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    Detailed Product Description
    Voltage: 380V 50Hz Machine: Belt Vulcanizing Machine
    Warranty: 2 Years Temperature: 0-200℃
    High Light:

    hot vulcanising machine


    pvc belt vulcanizing machine

     Conveyor belt vulcanizer rubber conveyor belt vulcanizer for sale china supplier

    1. Vulcanizer,Repair Press,The vulcanizers, repair presses use unique process, technology and full-automatic precision digital control system, with features of equal and accurate vulcanizing temperature, even vulcanizing pressure, easy operation, light weight of whole machine being only 1/3 weight of original ones, reliable quality and long service life, having obtained national patent for practical and new type (patent No. EL92218270.1) filled the domestic gap and exceeded nationally and internationally advanced level in this line.
    2. Top and bottom heating plates:
    Made by selecting high quality aluminum alloys, LY11 high strength aviation aluminum plate and using special process, and have the following features:
    1) Small in body, half in weight, low power consumption, fast temperature rising, very good suppleness of the whole plates after being heated, more appressing the belt than usual unit, parallel compactness no greater than 0.03mm under 1.5Mpa pressure, these are not possible for usual units.
    3)The temperature rising time from room temperature to vulcanizing temperature 145C is no longer than 25 minutes, the power needed is only half of the domestic ones in the same line, showing very good energy saving results.
    4) Only one time forming is required during process of rubber vulcanizing, rubber jointing or repair, and rubber jointing area is flat, tidy, and smooth while fastness is the same as the original belt without difference.
    5)3 layers of heating layer and insulation layers are integrated into one for simplifying the structure and easy installation.
    3. Water cooling, The heating layer is fitted with internationally advanced direct-flow water circulation cooling device. It needs only 5 minutes to cool from such high temperature as 145C to 70C.
    4. The handle is of flexible and soft connection, no hot felt by hand when operating, its outside is chrome plated for good appearance, small and elegant workmanship.
    5. Water pressing bags
    1) Water pressing bags are made by using internationally advanced technology. Thanks to special structure, the whole unit is evenly pressurized and there is no leaks found after numberless 1.875 Mpa, 30 minutes high-pressure tests which exceeds the international standards.
    2) This water pressing bag can be pressurized by water or air.
    6. Plug of incoming power supply cable
    Plug of incoming power supply cable uses special 6-pin-one-unit plug, eliminating the problem of usual multi-cable-multi-plug thus to realize simplifying and integration of circuitry.
    7.Full-automatic electric control cabinet:
    1) Full-automatic electric control cabinet selectively uses the components from Japan FUJI, digital instrument for direct reading, good quality and long service life, digital and indication lamp display, presetting vulcanizing time and temperature, It is fully automatic for whole vulcanizing process until warning lamp is on and work is thus slopped.
    2) Full-automatic electric control cabinet is beautifully shaped, small and elegant and uses advanced vertical double-layer water protection technology,plexiglass housing suitable for operation under heavy weather such as sand flying,storm,scorching sun etc.
    3)It is fitted with automatic switch with overload, short-circuit and leakage protection functions to ensure personal safety.
    4)Due to circuit integration, operation program and automation, unified plug and outlet, this electric control cabinet is suitable for all vulcanizers and repair presses of this factory, usual machines have no such features.
    8. Draw bar and nuts:
    Draw bar and nuts use high strength aviation aluminum material for light weight, only 3.5kg each featuring high strength and easy operation.


    Adhesive tape



    Heating plate size

    Length × width

    Total power
    Heavy weight


    Length × width × height

    total weight
    Configuring device
    Manual pump Electric control box



    650 650×830 830×820 9.8 56 1320×830×585 398 1 1
    650×1000 1000×820 11.8 66 1320×1000×585 460 1 1



    800 800×830 830×995 11.89 70 1450×830×585 485 1 1
    800×1000 1000×995 14.4 79 1450×1000×585 550 1 1



    1000 1000×830 830×1228 14.7 82 1700×830×585 556 1 1
    1000×1000 1000×1228 17.8 95 1700×1000×585 596 1 1



    1200 1200×830 830×1431 17.2 96 1950×830×750 784 1 1
    1200×1000 1000×1431 20.7 113 1950×1000×750 900 1 1



    1400 1400×830 830×1653 19.8 107 2150×830×900 857 1 1
    1400×1000 1000×1653 23.9 132 2150×1000×900 1080 1 1



    1600 1600×830 830×1867 22.3 120 2380×830×900 1102 1 1
    1600×1000 1000×1867 27 146 2380×1000×900 1400 1 1



    1800 1800×830 830×2079 24.9 137 2620×830×900 1247 1 1
    1800×1000 830×2303 30 164 2620×1000×900 1500 1 1



    2000 2000×830 830×2303 27.6 154 2830×830×900 1385 1 1
    2000×1000 1000×2303 33.2 182 2830×1000×900 1750 1 1



    2200 2200×830 830×2478 29.7 165 2997×830×900 1446 1 1
    2200×1000 1000×2478 35.8 198 2997×1000×900 1800 1 1

    Small Size Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment 0Small Size Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment 1Small Size Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Press Rubber Vulcanizing Equipment 2

    The main structure:


    The vulcanizer has a main machine (1. frame; 2. clamping mechanism; 3. horn; 4. screw; 5. nut; 6. washer; 9. heat shield 10. upper heating plate; 14. lower heating plate; 15. Water pressure plate;) 7. High pressure hose; 8. Pressure test pump; 11. Secondary cable; 12. Electric control box; 13. Primary cable composition.

    Vulcanizer installation:


    1. Before the installation of the combing machine, the main parts (such as electric heating plates, pressure devices, racks, etc.) are evenly separated and separated, and the vulcanizer is temporarily transported to the site for temporary installation.

    2, each separate separation of the parts, is also a frequent moving parts. Generally, the heaviest parts can be handled by two people, so it is convenient to install and disassemble.

    3. Before installation, find a more spacious place on the installation of the tape conveyor. In this place, not only the indefinite operating area and space, but also the placement of the tape and the power wiring are convenient.

    4. Before installation, on the belt conveyor installation line, disassemble the upper rollers and set up a working platform in the form shown in Figure 2. If it is glued in the field, use a canvas to build a temporary rainproof shed around the work platform.

    5. Install the tools of the vulcanizing machine, the tools for processing the tape joints, the power supply wires, etc., and confirm that the glued village materials (such as cover rubber, core glue and glue) are within the validity period, the manufacturer and the production date.


    6. Installation of the vulcanizer is carried out as follows:

    (1) Place the single lower machine in the form shown in Figure 3;

    (2) As shown in Figure 4, first place the pressure device (water pressure plate) on the placed lower frame machine; then place the lower electric plate on it. After the three are aligned, the lower electric heating plate is covered with plastic film (or talcum powder);

    Note: When multiple vulcanizers work in parallel, a thin metal plate with a 0.2x50x seam length is placed at the joint of the lower electric plate.

    (3) Place the tape joints that have been processed and processed well and filled with the rubber material on the lower hot plate; after finding the center line, fix the tape on both sides with the clamp plate and the clamping mechanism. Its form is shown in Figure 5;

    (4), on the tape joint. Place the plastic film (or talcum powder) in the position corresponding to the lower hot plate, and then place the electric heating plate and the heat insulation board on it in order. Its form is shown in Figure 6.

    Note: When multiple vulcanizers work in parallel, a thin metal plate with a 0.2x50x seam length is placed at the joint of the lower electric plate.

    (5) Place the upper frame on the heat insulation board as shown in Figure 7, and align and align with the lower frame.

    (6) According to Figure 8, install the pre-tightening bolts, washers and nuts in the elongated holes at the upper and lower frames, and tighten the nuts with a wrench. At this point, the main part of the vulcanizer is installed.

    (7) According to Fig. 9, the quick joint of the pressure pump system is connected with the water inlet hole of the pressure device, and the primary power supply wire is correspondingly inserted into the socket of the electric heating control box, and one end of the secondary wire is inserted in the electric heating control box. On the socket, the other end is inserted on the hot plate; the corresponding one of the thermal resistance (or thermocouple) wire is inserted into the socket of the electric heating control box, and the other end is inserted into the temperature measuring hole of the electric heating plate. At this time, the vulcanization mounting is completed, and the timing operation of pressurization and heating is prepared.



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